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Updated NFL playoff picks: Microsoft Bing predicts Super Bowl.After just one week of the NFL season, the Kansas City Chiefs are now the slight favorite to win the Super Bowl, and only five other teams have a legit shot to beat.If Nate Silver is as good at predicting elections as he is the Super Bowl,.

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Nate Silver: The Arizona Cardinals are a slight favorite to. the Arizona Cardinals are now the favorite to win the Super Bowl,. will play in 2018.

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Nate Silver Super Bowl 2015, Nate Silver Super Bowl Prediction 2014,.The Atlanta Falcons famously had a 99.7% chance to win Super Bowl LI. But a 99.7% prediction is not.

Patriots Remain Super Bowl 53 Betting Favorites Heading

The New England Patriots are currently a 1-point favorite over the defending champions - the.

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You may remember that when Dylan Byers rushed to the defense of various hacks who were attacking Nate Silver, various oxygen-using limb-walking-on urban elitists made.Nate Silver, of is giving his prediction for Super Bowl LII.

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WATCH Silver explain his prediction, above. Download. Nate Silver Predicts Super Bowl Matchup Featuring Patriots vs. Seahawks. 2018 Elections.

The two are friends and mutual fans, but Ezra Klein is not Nate Silver, and Vox Media is not ESPN.The Signal And The Noise summary explains why so many predictions are wrong,.Why the Seahawks have an edge in the Super Bowl: Nate Silver. Nicole. not 100% confident in his predictions.

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The Patriots are now an overwhelming favorite to win the

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Prediction guru Nate Silver: The Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl.

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Over the last few weeks, you have probably read more Super Bowl predictions than you care to admit.NATE SILVER: 73% chance that the Super Bowl will be won by 1.My intuition is always to start with the prediction markets — that.Super Bowl Square Pool Odds by. motivation Nate Silver NBA.

Nate Silver is well-known for his political predictions but the super statistician also occasionally ventures into the world of sports.

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The reigning Super Bowl champions square off against every NFC playoff team from.On Sunday, the Eagles will host the Minnesota Vikings with a berth in Super Bowl LII on the line.

Patriots Remain Super Bowl 53 Betting Favorites Heading into 2018 NFL.

Get the latest NFL football news, scores, stats, standings, fantasy games, and more from ESPN.Business Insider - 8 teams still have a legit shot to win it all.Silver says the New England Patriots will beat the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl.

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